Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Favorite T-Shirt Forever

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In most parts of my life, I’m not one to play favorites. If you ask me about my favorite movie, I will clam up faster than I can say “Up” (Actually, my favorite movie might be Up.), and if you ask me about my favorite place to visit, you are in store for a half hour lecture complete with bar graphs showing the pros and cons of my top 10. However, ask me about my favorite clothing item and I will tell you “THIS GRAY T SHIRT”.

Most girls have a favorite white t shirts, but they have never been my thing, so my Plain White T has been replaced by a Plain Gray T. It meets all favorite t-shirt standards: comfortable, soft, and fits like it was sewn just for my body. In fact, this shirt fits so well and is so soft that I sometimes put it on after a bad day just to be wearing it. It really is the best to spill ice cream on while watching my 1000th episode of Vanderpump Rules. Because I love it so much, I have also tried to wear it out of the house as much as humanly possible. However, we all know that a gray t shirt can sometimes tell them world “I didn’t want to get out of bed today”, which is most definitely not my goal (no matter what my mood in the morning may imply), so I have tried come up with some varied ways to style it and show the world that a soft charcoal gray tee is actually glorious.
Tied up at the waist, a simple t shirt can dress down a full high-waisted skirt.

There are also times that jeans just really need to happen for the night, and you also  just really want to wear your favorite t shirt, because life is exhausting. One of my all-time favorite looks is to dress up destroyed denim and a t shirt with an ankle strap heel and some jewels.

These are my two go-to’s right now, but here are some other favorite t shirt options I plan to try soon:
  • As the perfect base layer for early fall layering
  • With a lacy halter bralette peeking out if the neckline
  • Under a jewel-toned pantsuit for an unexpected work outfit
  • With a flannel button down and cut-off denim
  • Tucked into a pencil skirt with a statement necklace.
  • With skinny jeans, a wide sun hat, and lace-up flats


Our favorites are our favorites for a reason, and not just to give us crippling anxiety every time they almost snag on something. They make us feel comfortable and content. Don’t get hung up on feeling like your favorite tee needs to stay in the sweats drawer. Get creative, and bring it out of hiding as much as you can. Your soul will thank you!

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